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What is ECHO?

ECHO (Electronic Call Handling Operations) is a not-for-profit organisation delivering automated transmission of alarm signalling and messaging between ARCs and blue light services, reducing delays in the despatch of police responders to emergencies.

We’re an ECHO-ready supplier

As an ECHO-ready supplier, our products are compliant with the relevant industry standards when installed by an approved installer and will ensure the quickest police response via the ECHO platform to attend your customer’s property, should the need arise.

The benefits of ECHO

ECHO offers a range of benefits for all aspects of alarm monitoring and alarm signalling to assist ARCs and their blue light service collaborators. Successfully manage risk, while operating more efficiently and sustainably.

  • Faster Alarm Transmission
  • Accurate Incident Information
  • Automatic event incident acknowledgment from “Blue light” service to ARCs
  • Improved Keyholder response from ARC to Blue light responder
  • Possibility to let ARC have close down code automatically
  • URN status machine-to-machine checks updated regularly
  • Faster automated URN applications

Information for ARCs

ECHO-connected Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs) receive a digital alarm signal transmission direct from your premises in the event of an activation. The signal is verified and transmitted directly to Police Force Despatchers via the ECHO platform. Police estimates indicate a saving of up to four minutes in response time, which could prove critical in an emergency situation.


Learn more about ECHO.