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Our best, most responsive system yet

With Ultimate, you’ll get our best alarm signalling system yet – for every level of risk. It uses a private IP connection on our network and comes with a backup, powered by two 4G SIMs.

There’s battery backup in the alarm panel to keep things running, even in a power cut. And if that’s not enough, enhanced monitoring means experts will know about any problems with your connection in just 90 seconds.

Why choose Ultimate?

Reliable and

with both an IP connection and two 4G SIMS, 
we’ve got you covered. No matter what.

Fast mobile

Ultimate’s mobile connection reports just as fast as its private IP connection, so you’ll get the same solid protection, no matter what.

As well as signalling for fire and security

you can get an extra layer of protection with alerts for things like gas leaks and floods.

Other products in our Next Generation portfolio

Our new and affordable, wireless alarm signalling that works for you.

Wireless, dual-path alarm signalling with two 4G SIMs gives you twice the security and fire protection. 

Dual-path alarm signalling for medium risk sites. With the flexibility to upgrade when it matters most.

Faster dual-path alarm signalling for every level of risk. With advanced monitoring it's always ready.

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