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Ultimate peace of mind

Redcare GSM Roaming offers ultimate peace of mind. With both a phone line and backup mobile connection to our Redcare network, you’ll know what’s happening at all times.


This dual path, grade 4 alarm signalling system ensures that even if the primary line fails, a mobile signal is primed and ready to kick in. What's more, that mobile signal is powered by our Roaming SIM, which automatically chooses the best signal from the main UK mobile networks, for rock-solid reliability.

Exceeding European and British Standards

Redcare GSM Roaming is LPS 1277 third-party certified, which exceeds European and British Standards and is preferred by insurers.


Backed by our unique Redcare network, this truly is the best protection you can buy.


Key benefits and features

No dedicated phone

There's no need for a dedicated phone line and no extra call charges for communications between the alarm and the Redcare network. 

Works with broadband and fax

Redcare GSM Roaming works on any line provided by BT Openreach, as well as with broadband and fax machines. 

ARCs there for you

If for any reason the primary line and mobile path both fail, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will know and can take action within minutes.

99.997% availability

The BT Redcare Network comes with 99.997% availability, for security without compromise. 

Upgrading from Redcare Classic

Redcare GSM Roaming can be easily installed as an upgrade to Redcare Classic.

You're in safe hands

We've been leading the way in reliable alarm signalling for over 30 years, so you know you're in safe hands. 


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