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Redcare Secure Solo

Please note this product will not be available to order after 6pm on Thursday, 30 May 2019. Click here for more information.
For faster and smarter ways to protect your homes and business, see our new Next Generation portfolio.

No landline? No worries

Redcare Secure Solo uses mobile phone technology, so it's the perfect solution for locations where there's good mobile signal but no landline.


Better still, it's powered by our Roaming SIM, which automatically switches between the main UK mobile networks for the best and most reliable signal.

Quick to install and re-locate

Situations change, but Redcare Secure Solo can adapt. It’s quick to install and easy to move from location to location. It can also be upgraded to one of our dual path signalling products at any time.


This single path, grade 2 alarm signalling system is LPS 1277 third-party certified, which exceeds European and British standards.


Our next generation portfolio...

We're introducing faster and smarter ways to protect homes and businesses with the launch of four new products.

Our new and affordable, wireless alarm signalling that works for you.

Dual-path alarm signalling for medium risk sites. With the flexibility to upgrade when it matters most.

Faster dual-path alarm signalling for every level of risk. With advanced monitoring, it's always ready.

Our best, most responsive system yet.  With private IP and resilient 4G signalling for an uncompromised connection.

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