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Redcare Secure Fire

A dual-path system for twice the reassurance

Reliable protection, no matter what

Redcare Secure Fire uses both a mobile signal and backup phone line. If one fails, the other kicks in. The result is reliable protection, no matter what.

Exceeding European and British standards

This dual path, grade 3 system is LPS 1277 third-party certified and exceeds European and British standards. It's also a legal requirement for any equipment connected to fire safety systems to be third-party certified.

Certified for fire and intruder signalling

Redcare Secure Products are certified for both fire and intruder alarm signalling so one device can be used for both jobs. We’re the only alarm signalling company who are certified to offer this.

Key benefits and features

Setup costs

There are no additional setup costs or call charges for communication.

Intelligent Roaming SIM

Our intelligent Roaming SIM comes as standard and automatically chooses the best signal from the main UK mobile networks.

Easy installation

Redcare Secure Fire can be installed anytime with our easy network connection.

Network availability

99.997% network availability and over 30 years experience in alarm signalling makes Redcare a reliable choice.


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