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Essential IP

An IP upgrade with a small price tag

Essential IP makes updating dial up PSTN systems easy. It connects to your customers’ broadband over Ethernet or wi-fi, has an OLED display and dial capture on board for a speedy install. It exceeds SP2 performance levels (equivalent to the old Grade 2), reporting path faults within 60 minutes, much faster than traditional digi communicators. Making it the perfect set-up for future-proofing low-risk premises.

Why choose Essential IP?

Makes it easy to update dial up PSTN systems for less

so you can get homes and businesses ready for the all-IP switchover by 2025.

Get up and running in an instant

fitting is hassle-free as it connects to your customers’ broadband, using wi-fi or an Ethernet cable.

Respond to threats in a fraction of the time

while traditional digi communicators take all day to report path faults, Essential IP alerts the ARC in just 60 minutes.

  • Next Generation Portfolio Brochure

    Find out how our new bundle fits into our wider portfolio and how other alarm signalling systems can better protect your customers.

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