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Get ready for what’s next

Prepare and protect your customers. We’re closing down the Classic and GSM network in 2025. But we’ve put together a new bundle so you can instantly upgrade homes and businesses. 

The Classic and GSM replacement bundle

Combining the power of our Advanced Extra signalling solution, with two new products - the Plug-in Adaptor and Redcare Connect, a secure wireless Ethernet cable replacement that makes it easy to install. So you can be in and out in no time.

There are no upfront costs to pay. And your customers get true dual-path alarm signalling with DP3 performance (equivalent to the old grade 4), for twice the security and lower running costs.

Retrofit. Recover. Revolutionise.

See for yourself how simple the Classic and GSM Replacement is to install.

Get plug-and-play protection with the Plug-in Adaptor

Get an instant update

Our new Plug-in Adaptor offers a faster, more cost-effective way to secure homes and businesses. Rather than having to remove the whole security panel, you only need to take out the Classic or GSM STU. Our simple solution slots into any panel with footprint connectors and acts as a bridge for our future-ready Advanced Extra. Saving you time and your customers money, while keeping them safe beyond the digital switchover.

A painless, wireless install with Redcare Connect

Cut the cord

There’s no need to run Ethernet cables to link your customer’s alarm signalling up to their network anymore. Instead, Redcare Connect sends secure signals directly from the panel to your customer’s router. You also get private wi-fi and the latest IoT technology long-range radio to complete the wire-free set-up. Either way, it makes for a speedier install with coverage you can count on.

Discover more about our Classic and GSM Replacement

Plug-in Adaptor training video

Find out how to fit a new alarm signalling system without removing the whole security panel with our latest innovation.

Redcare Connect training video

Watch how to fit our wire-free Ethernet replacement and wirelessly connect the Advanced Extra to your customer’s router.

Advanced Extra training video

Learn how to install and set-up the Advanced Extra alarm signalling system.

Frequently asked questions

  • The Classic and GSM network will shut down in December 2025, in line with the timings of the move to all-IP.

  • The future is fibre. The digital switchover is rolling out across the UK, with all-IP set to replace the PSTN Network. We stopped selling Classic and GSM products in 2019 due to changes in alarm standards and a forced grade reduction. But as more customers are moving to fibre, the future of copper is uncertain and the maintenance of our network gets more difficult. This means it's no longer feasible or cost-effective to keep the Classic and GSM network running beyond 2025.

  • The following products will stop working when the network closes down:

    • Redcare Classic (all variants)
    • Redcare Classic Fire
    •  Redcare GSM (all variants)
  • Some customers might worry about having their alarm signalling connecting over their network in case it crashed and this left them unsecure. That’s why Advanced Extra has both IP and mobile paths for twice the reliability. But if that’s not enough, we recommend replacing your customer’s Classic or GSM with the Ultimate and an access line. This has a built-in hub that connects to our private broadband service. Plus, it has two 4G SIMs for wireless resilience. 

  • We’ve more than 30 years’ experience in the security industry. We’ve developed all of our alarm signalling systems in partnership with ARCs, installers, homeowners and businesses. And we’ve designed them to be future-ready, working over 4G, IP or a combination of the two.

    All of our products work straight out of the box. Just power them up and they’ll start to connect. Push-button programming and easy-to-read OLED displays make configuring easy. And if you should have any issues, our 24/7 support team is always available. Saving you time and effort.

    Many of them also come with no upfront costs. And we guarantee to repair or replace any faulty units for free for 10 years.

Want to know more about the Classic and GSM replacement?

Get in touch with your BT Redcare Account Manager or your Alarm Receiving Centre.