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Redcare Ultimate Has Arrived

We’ve spent time making sure Ultimate is just right. We want to give you and your customers the “ultimate” performance after all. We’re confident it’s been well worth the wait, especially when you can benefit from:

  • secure connectivity to our own private broadband network, with no need to access the internet or your own IP network
  • extra resilience with two 4G SIMs, the first operated by EE and the second a UK roaming SIM
  • built in broadband hub utilising the battery back-up in the alarm panel, meaning no lengthy cabling and even in the event of a power failure it will stay up and running
  • enhanced monitoring that lets ARCs know about faults in just 90 seconds
  • 24/7 helpdesk and access to our SightCall App means we can be virtually with you whenever you need us.


There are three types* of Ultimate products to choose from:

  • Ultimate with an existing WLR3 line provided by Openreach – If the customer has the right WLR3 line, we’ll add Redcare broadband to it. It’s used solely for this service, so won’t give customers internet access.
  • Ultimate with an access line – If the customer doesn’t have an access line, or is already using it for a broadband service, we can install one exclusively for Redcare broadband. It’s used solely for this service, so won’t give customers internet access, or let them make phone calls.
  • Ultimate on an existing FTTP connection – If the customer’s got the right FTTP connection, we’ll add Redcare broadband as an additional service.

To order:

ARC’s: Simply order as usual via our ETS ordering system

Installers: Please get in touch with your ARC to order

Regional technical managers:

Ryan Baker (South)

Robert McLaughlin (North)


Regional account directors:

Baz Choudhary (South)

Neil Richards (North West)           

Raj Patel (Midlands)

Raff Miah (East Anglia)

Salim Saleh (North East)

Joanne Collyer (Central)


*Subject to location availability of the line required. Connection is only available using Openreach. If a line is ordered as a bundled package with Ultimate, the service provider will be BT. Ultimate product needs a line that doesn’t operate any other broadband service.

18 August 2019