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BT Redcare’s response to the impact on stock levels caused by the pandemic, economic downturn and other global events

The past two and a half years have required us all to adapt, but the aftermath of the pandemic, alongside economic slowdown and other global events continue to impact supply chains.


Economies across the globe are struggling to get the goods they need. With many countries having greatly eased Covid restrictions, activity has seen demand rise quickly, outstripping production in many cases. A shortage of materials and goods leads to price rises, meaning supply chains are creaking at every level.


There has been an impact on the security industry too. Component shortages led to increased costs and an element of panic buying, resulting in a lack of stock and ever-increasing lead times for that stock to be replenished. This combination of factors meant the sale of certain solutions were affected, a situation that had been developing for years but was exacerbated due to the pandemic.


Without complete access to these solutions, installers have been unable to provide fully for customers. This may have resulted in lost business and customers who are still reliant on legacy alarm signalling solutions, even though they may have wanted to upgrade to all-IP alternatives to prepare for the 2025 PSTN switch-off.

The Next Generation portfolio is available and evolving

At BT Redcare, we work hard to ensure installers can always support customers and throughout the pandemic and current supply chain issues we have maintained our stock levels. Our Next Generation portfolio has been readily available, enabling installers to implement future-proofed security solutions that protect people and premises. We’ll continue to do so as the shortage and increased pricing of components is likely to last into 2024.


We’ve also made our portfolio even more innovative. Each solution is ECHO-ready, meaning they’re compatible with the industry’s new method of digital call handling to emergency services. Already, Essex Police, the Metropolitan Police Service, Avon and Somerset Constabulary and Northumbria Police have all issued a notice to ARCs that they will only accept the digital transfer of alarm signals over ECHO or are moving in that direction, meaning it will likely become the standard of communications between ARCs and blue light services in the future. Read more about the importance of being ECHO-ready in our Security Matters article.


Quality assurance is also high on our agenda. Our whole portfolio has achieved certification from the world-renowned Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). This is only awarded to solutions that have passed one of the most rigorous product certification schemes and, having been certified in both the UK and Ireland, they were the first signalling devices to obtain dual UKCA and CE marking. And we have now added to this with the BSI Kitemark for cyber security, for our portfolio of products, app and portal, and Police Preferred Specification through Secured by Design and its secure connected devices scheme.

Helping installers grow their business

Alongside ensuring our Next Generation portfolio remained available to order throughout the last two and a half years, we also introduced new initiatives to help installers get leads and win new business.


Our Lead Referral Scheme connects installers with customers who are looking for a Redcare connected alarm system in their area. When customers visit our site and complete the

BT Redcare – Installer finder’ form, they receive the details of three installers who can provide what they’re looking for. To join up to the scheme and start new leads heading your way, fill in this form. In addition, our All-IP special offer, with up to 51% of our RRP, along with our All-IP marketing toolkit were launched to help installers with the digital upgrade.


If you’d like to speak about our Next Generation Portfolio, Lead Referral Scheme or require advice about the move to all-IP and the PSTN switch-off, get in touch via email or contact your regional account manager or ARC.

Regional Account Managers:

Garry McCallum

(Scotland and Northern Ireland)

07971 821134

Neil Richards

(North West)
07889 978251

Salim Saleh
(North East)
07795 980019

Joanne Watkins

(South West & Wales)
07483 314331

Raj Patel

(Central & Midlands)
07889 644413

Raff Miah

(East Anglia & North London)
07484 928326

Baz Choudhury

(South East & South London)
07703 502155


Regional Desk Based Account Managers:

Rebecca Mellor

07483 951833

Naomi Helps

07483 437444