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Install more alarm signalling systems in less time -
with the Mobile Signal Analyser

Grow your business by installing more Next Generation alarm signalling systems in less time.

The Mobile Signal Analyser will save you hours by quickly identifying the best installation location at your customers' premises.

You'll work more efficiently - freeing up time to install more Next Generation systems in readiness for the UK's switch to all-IP by 2025.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Find the best signal - Check the coverage of the UK’s major networks.

  2. Fit the alarm - Install Next Generation alarms signalling systems in the right place first time.

  3. Help your business flourish - Reliable signal helps you provide a great service, keeping your customers happy.

Order the Mobile Signal Analyser from the BT Redcare Installer shop.

To find out how to use the Mobile Signal Analyser, click here.


Explore BT Redcare’s Next Generation Portfolio - or talk to your Regional Account Manager.



Regional Account Managers:

Garry McCallum

(Scotland and Northern Ireland)

07971 821134

Neil Richards

(North West)
07889 978251

Salim Saleh
(North East)
07795 980019

Joanne Watkins

(South West & Wales)
07483 314331

Raj Patel

(Central & Midlands)
07889 644413

Raff Miah

(East Anglia & North London)
07484 928326

Baz Choudhury

(South East & South London)
07703 502155


Regional Desk Based Account Managers:

Rebecca Mellor

07483 951833

Naomi Helps

07483 437444