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Future-proof your customers with BT Redcare

This weekend, take a trip to your local phone shop and ask them what deals they’ve got on the latest 3G phones. You’re likely to be told that phones don’t work on just on 3G anymore, the only phones for sale are those running mainly on the 4G mobile network as well as 2G and 3G.


The state of our industry

The truth is, there’s very few industries - apart from alarm monitoring – that choose to buy 3G based products and services today. The technology has been superseded by extensive 4G networks, so why continue to buy old tech which is nearing the end of its life? 

Our industry knows that the legacy PSTN network will be replaced by all-IP networks by the end of 2025 as customers move to modern, digital voice and data services. So we’ve opened a new lab at our R&D headquarters in Suffolk to help the industry migrate to new IP-based technologies and plan for the future. But we all need to be aware of the demise of 3G and the potential impact it could have on our businesses and their customers. 


What does the future hold?

Many panel manufacturers are now offering IP solutions rather than the older and more costly PSTN digi-communicators. When developing the Redcare Next Generation portfolio, we looked at a single path IP solution – but chose not to develop it – and for a good reason. Do you trust IP as a single path when on a shared network?

If you currently manage a product that can be upgraded or downgraded depending on your customer’s requirements - like our Secure range – then the move to all-IP from PSTN should be relatively straightforward for your existing base. For new customers however, or if you have an existing customer who’s thinking about swapping their device, then be careful what you install. To get the most reliable and connected solution, installers need to think about the longer-term, most future-proof options. 


Where can installers go to future-proof their solution?

We believe that we’re the only company who’re thinking long-term at the moment with our range of Next Generation products. That’s because they are underpinned by:

1) IP, either as a private network or using the customer’s broadband hub, or 

2) 4G for Essential; 4G and dual SIMs for the Essential Extra, Advanced, Advanced Extra and Ultimate to give you extra reliability and connectivity.  


Protecting what matters most

People buy an alarm to protect what matters most to them; including the people they love and care for, personal belongings, property, stock, or other assets. Losing one or more of these precious things amounts to a violation – something that can affect mental health as well as financial wellbeing for many years.

Despite this, some customers can struggle to appreciate the benefits of investing in a monitored alarm system. As an industry we must work together to help customers see the benefits of a monitored, or at least professionally installed, alarm system. We don’t want them to waste their money on a DIY solution that does precious little other than being another reason to constantly look at one’s smart phone. 

That’s why we’ve developed a new educational video, for customers to better explain the difference between not having an alarm, a bells only alarm, and a fully monitored alarm system.

For more information on our new BT Redcare Next Generation portfolio and the ways in which it can benefit you and your customers, visit

1 February 2019