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Essential Extra is ready to order

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Our Next Generation portfolio just keeps on getting better. Essential Extra is available to order now. 

Essential Extra brings all the benefits of our Essential product, and as the name suggests, that added extra too. Wireless dual-path signalling with two 4G SIMs, for twice the fire and security protection. Ideal for low and medium risk sites where there’s no broadband.

Not only is it easy to install and manage via our installer app, it also comes with 16 pins and a clear and easy to understand Oled display.

There’s never been a better time for Essential Extra. As we move to an all-IP world and 3G starts bidding its farewell, it’s important to make sure your customers are future-proofed, which means a move to 4G and reliable wireless services. That’s exactly what you’ll find in our Next Generation portfolio.


To order:

ARC’s: Simply order as usual via our ETS ordering system

Installers: Please get in touch with your ARC to order

Regional technical managers:

Ryan Baker (South)

Robert McLaughlin (North)


Regional account directors:

Baz Choudhary (South)

Neil Richards (North West)           

Raj Patel (Midlands)

Raff Miah (East Anglia)

Salim Saleh (North East)

Joanne Collyer (Central and Wales)

14 October 2019