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Closer working relationship for BT Redcare, Cougar Monitoring and Securenett Security Systems

Developing a closer relationship has paid off hugely for a partnership of three businesses – even though it only got underway a few months ago.

BT Redcare, Cougar Monitoring and their installer partner Securenett Security Systems (both part of the Prime Interaction Group) are each seeing major benefits since they started to work together more closely in June 2017.

A focus on mutually beneficial working and super-fast technical and customer service responses is helping all three partners.

Securenett is already celebrating a significant national banking win, and now plans to increase BT Redcare installs by between 60-80 per month during 2018 – approximately double current levels – according to the company’s Operations Manager Craig Gwilliams.

Established more than 30 years ago, BT Redcare protects hundreds of thousands of businesses with their security and fire alarm signalling services. The business has made a major investment in its staff and operations since its relaunch, and is working proactively with leading ARCs and installers to boost their businesses.

In November, BT Redcare also hosted a successful counter-terrorism conference with Cougar at the BT Tower, welcoming senior police staff from West Midlands forces.

West Midlands-based Securenett has been established since 1985, and in that time has protected 10,000 organisations and homes, working with Cougar’s state of the art Alarm Receiving Centre.

There’s certainly been a lot of traction since we were invited to the BT Redcare rebrand launch event in June 2017. Redcare does what it says on the tin. If we have any problems, we speak to their technical guys and they help us out – we’ve even made blanket changes that they’ve pushed out for us. Redcare’s customer service and technical help has been faultless. It’s what you need – and that technical support is there for you 24/7 every day of the year.

Craig Gwilliams, Operations Manager, Securenett

Cougar and Securenett place a big emphasis on the dual path signalling provided by BT Redcare products, which provide customers with greater security and peace of mind. “Redcare are extremely supportive of dual path signalling,” said Eric Roberts, CEO of Cougar & Securenett

They also praise Redcare’s UDL remote servicing ability and appreciate features including flexible upgrade options and Redcare’s intelligent roaming SIM, which does not wait for failure but automatically switches between main UK mobile networks to ensure the best signal.

Eric added: “The customer needs two services a year, and one of them can be done remotely. It’s making installs for Securenett work a lot smarter – saving time and fuel - and means we can provide a faster speed of service. It’s a powerful bit of kit.”

BT Redcare regional account director Raj Patel says "Things have snowballed since Redcare's rebrand in June and our relationship has really gone from strength to strength. We find Cougar and Securenett, and in particular Eric, very forward-thinking when it comes to looking at the security part of what we are trying to do." Raj added, "Our fire and security products have LPS 1277 third-party certification - this is the only scheme fully endorsed by insurers, and means we are a scalable option."

The three companies are now looking forward to a busy 2018, and they are already planning their next event.

"Following the success of our counter-terrorism conference, we're going to run another event for installers at the BT Tower,” said Martin. “And we’re also planning to take guests down to the BT Redcare centre that monitors the network – Redcare are the only signallers that monitor their own network, so if it goes down they know straight away. From a counter-terrorism point of view that resilience really comes to the fore.”

Here’s to a great 2018 for all three parties.

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8 February 2018