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Get in. Swap out. The Classic and GSM Replacement bundle is here

The Classic and GSM Replacement bundle is here, helping to save time, reduce your costs and get your customers ready for the digital future. Combining Advanced Extra, our new Plug-in Adaptor and innovative Redcare Connect, it makes upgrading any legacy alarm signalling systems fast, easy, and cost effective

Why choose the Classic and GSM Replacement?

  • Dual-path protection. Give your customers twice the resilience with Advanced Extra – offering true dual-path signalling over fixed IP and mobile networks with dual 4G SIMs, roaming and DP3 performance (equivalent to the old grade 4).


  • Money saving. Thanks to the Plug-in Adaptor, you can update older systems using Advanced Extra without having to replace the whole alarm panel. Just slot it in, and you're ready to go – and we'll recycle the old STU for free.


  • Easy installation. Forget running Ethernet cables. With Connect, you can connect to your customers' networks using private wi-fi and/or long-range IoT radio for increased coverage and simple set-up.


  • Future-ready. Keep your customers' systems running when the Classic and GSM network closes on 31 December 2025, in line with the 2025 PSTN switch-off


The Classic and GSM Replacement is available right now and can be used for new installations as well as swap out of any legacy systems ,ready for you to deliver the future of alarm signalling to your customers.


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To order it, please speak to your alarm receiving centre or for more information contact one of the team below.

Regional Account Managers:

Garry McCallum

(Scotland and Northern Ireland)
07971 821134

Neil Richards

(North West)
07889 978251

Salim Saleh
(North East)
07795 980019

Joanne Watkins

(South West & Wales)
07483 314331

Raj Patel

(Central & Midlands)
07889 644413

Raff Miah

(East Anglia & North London)
07484 928326

Baz Choudhury

(South East & South London)
07703 502155


Regional Desk Based Account Managers:

Rebecca Mellor

07483 951833

Naomi Helps

07483 437444