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Switch to IP with our latest launch

New - Launched 19 January


Essential IP


Get simple alarm signalling that offers an IP upgrade with a small price tag.


Essential IP makes updating PSTN systems easy. It connects to your customers’ broadband over Ethernet or wi-fi for a speedy install. It exceeds SP2 performance levels, reporting path faults within 60 minutes, much faster than traditional digi communicators. Making it the perfect set-up for future-proofing low-risk premises. The future starts when you install it.


Get your customers ready. The UK is switching to all-IP by 2025. Prepare and protect homes and businesses with our Next Generation alarm signalling systems.


By working with us, you’ll unlock new opportunities for your business.

Enhanced monitoring that offers more detailed insights. End-to-end encryption to make connections more secure. And new mobile controls for both you and your customer.

The move to all-IP explained

Why is the PSTN being shut down? How will it affect your customers? And what do you need to do to adapt? Watch our film to find out.

Watch our webcast

Learn from the people leading the change. Our experts give you the inside track on the switchover, tell you why you need to get ready now and take you through the latest addition in our Next Generation portfolio.


Learn about Openreach’s work on the digital switchover here.


We’re ready for what’s next

From fast and affordable to best in the business, you can get every customer future-ready with our alarm signalling systems - no matter their budget. They’re simple to install too, with a choice of fixed IP and wi-fi connected options. Plus, dual SIM and roaming 4G options for more resilient wireless signalling.


Many of them also come with no upfront costs. And we guarantee to repair and replace any faulty unit for free for 10 years. While your customers also feel the financial benefit of upgrading with no call charges for all-IP alarm signalling. 

Discover more about Essential IP and our Next Generation portfolio

Set up with Mike: Essential IP

How to install our latest alarm signalling system that offers an IP upgrade for less.

  • Installer Handbook

    The Installer's guide to our Next Generation portfolio.

    19/01/2021 pdf - 1.80 MB

End user materials

Why a monitored system?

Here’s why you need a monitored system with emergency service response.

The move to all-IP explained

Why is the PSTN being shut down? How will it affect you? What do you need to do?

Frequently asked questions

  • The digital switchover has already started. You can see which communities are already moving to all-IP here. Forward-thinking homes and businesses are also running their alarm signalling over the IP network with our Next Generation portfolio. So you can start moving your customers over immediately to make sure they’re ready for the PSTN shutting down everywhere by 2025.

  • When a stop sell notification is applied to an exchange area, it means that new supply of, and changes to, existing PSTN phone lines is heavily restricted where fibre is available.

  • Despite what its name suggests, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) doesn’t just handle calls. It also carries alarm signals from customers’ premises to their ARCs. So when the PSTN turns off, all the alarm systems that dial out using PSTN will stop working.

  • The all-IP network will send voice calls and alarm signals the same way as data traffic. So it’ll be more reliable and much easier to maintain, so customers get a better service. It also means they’ll no longer need to pay call charges for signalling. So the sooner they switch, the sooner they can save.


    The switchover is all part of BT’s wider investment in the country. Along with a full-fibre broadband and 5G networks, it’ll help unlock the UK’s digital potential, benefitting all of us.

  • We’ve more than 30 years’ experience in the security industry. We’ve developed all of our alarm signalling systems in partnership with ARCs, installers, homeowners and businesses. And we’ve designed them to be future-ready, working over 4G, IP or a combination of the two.


    All of our products work straight out of the box. Just power them up and they’ll start to connect. Push-button programming and easy-to-read OLED displays make configuring easy. Saving you time and effort.


    If that wasn’t enough, all of our signals are underpinned by the only UK network with 99.99% availability. And come with 24/7 support.


    Many of them also come with no upfront costs. And we guarantee to repair or replace any faulty unit for free for 10 years.


    View our entire product portfolio here.

  • All of our Next Generation alarm signalling systems with a fixed connection use IP, but that’s not the only option. Essential and Essential Extra are completely wireless, connecting to the ARC over superfast 4G.


    While the 3G network is also expected to shut down in the near future, our 4G alarm signaling systems will be unaffected. Keeping our customers protected for years to come.


    Our Advanced, Advanced Extra and Ultimate systems use both IP and 4G for true dual-path resilience.

  • When an area is all-IP enabled, communication providers will be contacting their customers. Those that have been identified as having a special service such as alarm signalling will be asked to contact their alarm service provider before the switchover. So you can expect a call from your customer. Where an alarm service is not identified then the switchover could still take place possibly leaving the site at risk. So this is why it's important to get ahead of the switchover.

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