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Broadband Compatibility

Broadband compatibility with Redcare

All Redcare products are compatible with broadband.

Will I need to install a ASDL filter?
There is no need for connection of an ADSL filter for both Redcare Classic and Redcare GSM. For Redcare Secure installations, it is necessary to connect an ADSL filter on the secondary path.

Can the broadband line be used with data devices such as faxes or modems?
Yes. A Redcare Modem Compatible Device* (MCD) is required for the connection of data equipment on the same line as a Redcare Classic or Redcare GSM Roaming. The Redcare MCD (Modem Compatible Device) lets end-users connect Redcare alarm monitoring to data applications such as a PCs, Digital TVs or fax machines - all over the same BT analogue line.

Key benefits and features

  • Redcare can be connected to analogue telephone lines that are also used for fax or data services - no need for dedicated or additional alarm lines.
  • The MCD is an easy to install plug-and-play solution that requires no specialised knowledge to install.
  • The MCD makes it possible to connect more than one data device through a single MCD (where practical) using a telephone socket doubler.

When to recommend

The Modem Compatible Device is ideal for customers who want to use the same BT analogue line for both the Redcare alarm monitoring and data applications.

*Applies to Redcare Classic and Redcare GSM Roaming

You can purchase a MCD from our online shop.

*Note connection of a MCD may affect your internet connection speed.