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Block Terminal Options

Broadband compatibility with Redcare

Redcare installers often choose to install a block terminal BT92A for the following reasons:

  • A hard wired network side connection avoids inadvertent disconnection by customers, and so reduces the likelihood of false "no response" signals.
  • A BT92A can simplify alarm installation as Redcare signals will have been proven to the connection point by BT Openreach.
  • Issues with correct line identification, and availability of correct cable types for BT bifurcated connections are addressed.

Support when not using a block terminal

Connection of the Subscribers Terminal Unit (STU) to the line, without using a block terminal, can be carried out by the installer using the instructions in the guide below:

The lead time for exchange work is only 24 hours which means that you will you able to offer your customers a really prompt service.