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Supporting you is important to us, so we've pulled together some of the questions we get asked the most. If you can't find your answer below, don’t worry - 24/7 support is only a phone call away: 0800 800 628, option 3.

For FAQ’s on the move to all-IP, head to our dedicated move to all-IP webpage here.

  • Yes. Any Redcare connection can be transferred at any time during the life of the connection.  However, the existing minimum rental period will continue to apply to the new ARC. For example, if a connection is transferred after 4 months the remaining 8 months of the minimum rental period will be applied to the gaining ARC.

  • Yes, all Redcare products have a 12-month minimum rental period. If a customer decides to cease Redcare service within the first twelve months of service any outstanding rental charges will need to be met.

  • Redcare’s Next Generation portfolio is future proofed and ready for the PSTN switch off. Visit our dedicated page here where you will find lots more information, useful videos for you and your customers and FAQ’s on the move to all-IP.

  • Yes, products in our Next Generation portfolio have third party certification through the world-renowned Loss Prevention Certification Board. Visit  Third Party Certification | BT Redcare for more information.

  • Our new products will work in all areas of the UK based on IP availability and mobile coverage. We always recommend a site survey prior to any decision on which device to install. Our BT Redcare shop has various extension and high gain aerials (6 and 12 dB) and our range is designed to offer alternatives where needed. Please note our 90 day or bill on activation does allow installers to carry stock with potentially no cost impact to ensure they have the right fit and connection on the first visit as well as 24/7 help if needed.

  • 3G networks are likely to shut down by the end of 2022. Redcare’s Next Generation portfolio does not use the 3G mobile network so will be unaffected by this closure. Some Redcare Secure units do use 3G but they can fallback to 2G.

  • The Essential device will pick up the best network currently available, 4G or 2G. When 2G is withdrawn, likely to be after 2025, the units will continue to use 4G. 4G coverage is continually improving. Please note, we do have high gain aerials to improve the signal strength Home - Redcare Shop (, or the device can be re-located. Essential IP is ideal for areas with no mobile coverage. 

  • Our suite of products already offers an IP/4G unit, the Advanced at DP2 grade or Advanced Extra at DP3. These products connect to IP via an ethernet cable based on the risk and grade level that they operate at. We are constantly looking at connectivity options so will keep our customers advised of any developments in the future.

  • The Essential and Essential IP has the same access and functionality as the other products in the NGP range so offers remote connectivity options for upload/download. Please check with your BT Redcare account manager or technical manager with regards to your requirements.

  • There are currently no plans to add a Wi-Fi option to our Advanced or Advanced Extra products, this is because they operate at a higher grade DP2 and DP3 level. They currently connect via an Ethernet cable to the customers network or hub to maintain diverse true dual path routing and system security. We will keep customers advised with announcements on new developments when they become available.

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