Safety and security are significant concerns for any transport company. Recent surveys have placed the cost of crime on British Transport at £1.5bn per year, with 200,000 reported crimes per year. Passengers can feel exposed to thieves, attackers and harassment by other travellers, especially when they are travelling alone late at night.

Staff are also at risk. Many work alone and, like passengers, are vulnerable to abuse and attack. But that’s just one side of the problem. Transport companies also have valuable - and often mission-critical - assets to protect. Graffiti and vandalism remain persistent problems and, as a result of the escalating price of scrap metal, thefts of rail signalling and copper cabling have been increasing.

CCTV cameras make it much easier for you to tackle these issues. They help security staff keep watch over stations, depots and other premises, and several locations can be monitored from a single control room to keep costs down. Based on state-of-the-art digital technologies, cameras can be placed almost anywhere, inside or out. All that is needed at the location is a secure mounting and a source of power. Cameras can be linked to recording systems and the control room using a site’s local area network, either through a direct connection or, if that isn’t available, via a modem, mobile phone or wireless LAN adapter.

Digital CCTV systems release security staff from their Control Rooms - cameras and recordings can be accessed via web browsers from anywhere on your network or, using a secure remote access service, from their homes and other locations. Even then, of course, security staff won’t be able to check every image your cameras send back. But software can, keeping a watch out for movements and other specific features that suggest they should be brought to an operator’s attention. And everything can be recorded automatically - not to tape recorders but onto discs connected to servers on your network. It makes it much easier for you to track down images at a later date.

We offer everything you need to design, build and operate a high-performance CCTV system, including:

  • Digital video storage systems
  • Fixed and wireless networks
  • Control room design, installation and configuration
  • Cameras
  • An integration service to connect CCTV systems to other IT applications - to capture an image of your refuelling station every time diesel is dispensed, for example
  • Software that can detect motion, analyse images and enhance them if required
  • Consultancy
  • Service and support.

The technologies we use come from best-of-breed partners and suppliers and every solution is highly secure.
To ensure availability, we offer remote diagnostics and a guaranteed response time to faults. Our helpdesk is staffed 24x7.

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With over 25 years experience in security solutions, we work in partnership with our customers to meet their individual requirements.
Working with best of breed partners, we provide fully managed security systems that protect people and assets across the UK.
Our end to end security solutions includes design, project management, installation and maintenance.