Moves & changes

Redcare portfolio moves and changes

We are often asked what happens if a customer wants to move their Redcare service.

To help you get the best value for your customer, we have summarised the options in one handy, easy to read table and prepared some FAQs.


  • I am transferring a Redcare connection from one ARC to another; can I do this in the first twelve months minimum rental period?
    Yes. Any Redcare connection can be transferred at any time during the life of the connection, unless the connection has been upgraded as part of Redcare's Grade 4 Grade offer.
  • Will I be charged for transferring a Redcare connection during the minimum rental period?
    The losing ARC will not be charged, however an administration fee will be applied to the gaining ARC. Also the existing minimum rental period will continue to apply to the new ARC. For example if a connection is transferred after 4 months the remaining 8 months of the minimum rental period will be applied to the gaining ARC.
  • My customer is changing premises and they are taking the same telephone number with them; will I be charged by Redcare?
    Redcare will not charge for a new connection as the exchange element of the service has not been altered. However a charge may be raised if a new block terminal is required at the new premises. ARC's should use the address change facility on ETS to process the order. Please note minimum rental period will not be affected by this change.
    N.B. This does not affect Secure 2, 3, IP, or Assure products
  • My customer is changing premises and telephone number; will Redcare charge for this service?
    Yes an administration charge will be applied as a new connection at the exchange will be required; a new block terminal may also be required. The linked contract facility on ETS should be used to ensure the appropriate charges are raised for this contract.
    Note 1: If the change occurs within the first 12 months of service the original minimum rental period will be applied to the new connection. For example if the change occurs after 4 months the remaining 8 months minimum rental shall apply to the new connection. Rental will continue to be charged on the old connection until a cease order has been received and processed.
    Note2: If this is a Redcare GSM Connection the ARC should use the "linked contract" facility on ETS to ensure that the GSM STU information is transferred to the new connection.
  • I am ceasing a Redcare connection within the first twelve months of service; will I be charged?
    Yes, all Redcare products have a 12 month minimum rental period. If a customer decides to cease Redcare service within the first twelve months of service any outstanding rental charges will need to be met.
  • My Customer is moving to a new telephone service provider; will their Redcare still work?
    Yes. As long as the existing telephone line is used then Redcare will continue to work. However we strongly recommend that the customer seek confirmation from their new service provider that Redcare is supported.
    Please note if a customer moves to another Service Provider that does not support Redcare this will be treated as a cease, and the minimum rental period shall apply.
  • My customer wants to transfer the Redcare service to another line within the same building, will I be charged?
    An administration charge will be made for the connection on the new line. Charges will also apply if a new block terminal 92a is required. However by using the linked contract facility the minimum rental period will be carried forwards to the new connection. Please note that rental will be charged on the original connection until it is ceased via ETS.
  • What happens if I upgrade a Redcare Classic to Redcare GSM within the minimum rental period?
     A new minimum rental period will be applied to the Redcare GSM on connection; the minimum rental period related to the Redcare Classic is not maintained.
  • What If I down grade from Redcare GSM to Redcare Classic.
    The original Redcare GSM minimum rental period will be maintained. There is no new minimum rental period applied.