Redcare View is a flexible, end-to-end wireless video surveillance system. You get anytime, anywhere flexibility which is backed up by the reliability of the BT network and infrastructure. So you can put your cameras where you need them with the peace of mind that you'll get high quality reliable coverage back to your control centre and mobile devices.

Redcare View gives you:

  • A complete wireless surveillance solution
  • Flexibility to put cameras where you need them
  • High quality live streaming across all bandwidths
  • Edge image recording and encryption so you can replay when you want to
  • Wi-fi access via over 5.2 million BT Wi-fi hotspots
  • 3G/4G mobile coverage or optional fibre network connection when you're not in a wi-fi hotspot
  • A fully managed service that takes care of everything for you

Redcare View is jam packed with features that let you take complete control and give you the flexibility to install your video surveillance solutions where you need them most.