With intelligent network selection, Redcare's Roaming SIM firstly looks for a network with a signal above -75dBm, the equivalent to 4 out of 5 bars on your mobile phone. Not all roaming sims do this. If that fails it chooses the strongest network available. No compromises.

Key benefits and features:

  • Intelligently selects a strong signal for premium performance
  • Automatically connects to another signal in the event of failure for enhanced resilience
  • Doesn't rely on a signal from a single operator - easier to install
  • If the connected cell goes down, we automatically connect to other available cells with no interruption in service for your customer.
  • Easier installation: Forget problems associated with looking for a signal from a single operator, such as unavailability of service or a weak signal.
  • More resilient: Automatic connection to other networks means fewer communication failures, alarms, and service outages.