Redcare’s point-to-point transmission services, RS1000, will connect the camera to the control room via a near broadcast quality, real-time transmission link.

Using BT’s exchanges, the RS1000 services can link up to 40kms (not radial) of public space with no depreciation in quality, connecting multiple sites with high-quality two-way video, voice, telemetry and data - all of which can be remotely, centrally or locally viewed.

Delivering results:

  • Crime prevention - stopping incidents, particularly violent ones, before it’s too late. Real-time CCTV surveillance can direct security personnel on the ground just in time, not when the damage is done.
  • Reduced man-guarding costs - with one control point able to manage a number of sites, it’s possible to make fewer guards more effective.
  • Successful prosecution - near broadcast quality video means that the incident and offender are clearly identifiable from the footage alone.
  • Effective fraud investigation - high-quality CCTV footage can be a powerful tool in unmasking sophisticated internal fraud, particularly when converged with other business systems such as access control or electronic point-of-sale data, enabling you to identify patterns of behaviour that simply don’t match up.

Your high-quality CCTV transmission network can also be used for voice-based help and information points, access control, fire and intruder alarm monitoring, points of presence for wireless devices and for the broadcast of marketing, promotional and/or training messages - at no extra transmission cost.

Why Redcare RS1000

Redcare has arguably more experience of high-quality, real-time CCTV transmission than any other company - we are the number one supplier of local authority CCTV transmission systems in the UK.

Our existing fibre infrastructure will often enable you to take advantage of the security and integrity offered by point-to-point cable systems without the cost of putting one in place yourself.

Our technology has a strong track record of reliability, but even we can’t prevent the impact of severe weather, subsidence, fire and disasters. We do, however, have the infrastructure to get things working as quickly as possible again if things do go wrong.

As Redcare, we understand security; as BT, we understand communications. The combination of our experience in both these areas means more streamlined, cost-efficient and effective security systems for you.