CCTV & Surveillance Networks

Why choose BT Redcare?

BT Redcare delivers CCTV video transmission and end to end managed security solutions across all sectors - from parish councils, to train operators to police forces nationwide.

An expert in the delivery of surveillance solutions with over 20 years' experience and knowledge, BT Redcare:

  • Is present in over 80% of the UK's public authority control rooms
  • Connects over 44,000 CCTV channels in public space to control rooms
  • Carries over half a million video images per second using BT Redcare's video networks - that's over 43 billion per day
  • Understands how to use your hybrid networks to deliver CCTV and associated services
  • Is there for your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Our product portfolio

Redcare View

Redcare View gives you the ability to put cameras where you need them without the need for fixed connectivity, backed up by the reliability of BT's network and infrastucture.

The Redcare View portfolio covers everything you need to rapidly deploy CCTV.


Redcare View Minicam

A high-quality, outdoor, day/night, PTZ dome CCTV camera. It utilises world-class video streaming technology and wireless connectivity from BT's Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks.


Redcare View Mobile IP Encoder

The Redcare View Mobile IP350 Encoder is a real-time, 4-camera input, wireless surveillance streaming device and NVR which connects with the Redcare View platform.

It delivers live streaming and recorded video and stereo audio over a range of network options.


Redcare View Control Centre

A Windows application for viewing your Redcare View cameras and encoders allowing you to view live and recorded images on your Redcare View system.


Redcare View Watch

An IOS and Android application for your smartphone or tablet that gives you real-time access to your Redcare View devices.

Take control of situations whilst they are happening by securely accessing live CCTV video to make intelligence based decisions.


RS1000 and RS1000D

Point-to-point fibre transmission services for high quality analogue CCTV/digital video.

RS1000 gives you near broadcast quality video and delivers real-time surveillance allowing you to stop incidents before it is too late. RS1000D allows you to upgrade your analogue circuits to IP.


Redcare iWitness

A digital video management platform which enables you to control and manage your CCTV estate and securely store video for evidence production.


ADSL for Road Saftey Cameras

A managed, street delivered, ADSL service for reliable and secure transmission of road safety camera images and data.


Camera Services

An end to end surveillance solution which includes cameras, poles, network and associated equipment, to suit your needs and budget.

We can also help you leverage the benefits of moving to IP.


You can also download our BT Redcare Surveillance product catalogue. And there are a number of case studies available too